Gun PermitOne after the other, 50 states have now legally allowed citizens to carry guns concealed on their person, provided they get a permit. From the number of guns detected at airports, it is seen that 30% more people are now out on the streets and public places with a gun hidden in their clothing.

It is difficult to say whether people carrying guns feel secure but there is no doubt that an unarmed and harmless person feels insecure in the knowledge that anyone around him can pose a threat to his life.

Guns are dangerous regardless of whether they are legal or illegal and human behavior is unpredictable. Authorities can amass information on the antecedents and reputation of an applicant but they will always be in the dark about their future conduct.

The recent incidents of violence by gun carry permit holders, shows how citizens without any criminal intent can cause death of innocent victims. Several preventive and protective measures are being debated. One of them is to make it compulsory for the permit holders to purchase gun liability insurance. Some states have already proposed mandatory gun liability insurance for an amount ranging from $ 2, 50,000 to $ 1 million. The amount has to be pegged high, considering the tendency of courts to award heavy compensation in such cases.

The opponents of the compulsory gun insurance argue that the cost of insurance will be so high as to be beyond the reach of majority of people. That perhaps, is an argument in support of the mandatory insurance proposal as gun carry permit will be taken only by those, who are truly in need of protection. After all, who wants the majority to turn into gun wielding adventurists!