Dzialo Law Office Files Suit, Stops Eviction of Mother of Three Small Children

Client Gets Loan Mod with $100,000 Principal Loan Reduction ..


Case Settled January 2012

Denied a loan modification, the clients and their three children lost their home to foreclosure and were only days from a sheriff’s lockout. After we filled suit, the court issued a preliminary injunction against eviction and ordered a settlement conference. The client’s 6.825% adjustable rate loan with an 11.75% cap was modified to a fixed 2% start rate with a cap of 4.5% after eight years. Approximately $100,000 of their arrearage was forgiven and the remainder was amortized over 40 years.

Bank Forecloses on Deployed Soldier


Case settled April 2012

Clients (one an active duty soldier) faced imminent eviction after foreclosure sale to a third party. With the eviction still threatened) the client was deployed to Afghanistan not knowing if her family would be locked out of the home while she was gone. We negotiated a stand down on eviction with the third party purchaser and after 14 months in litigation, the lender bought back the property. Title was restored to the clients free and clear wiping out a $550,000.00 mortgage. Attorney fees were paid by the lender in addition to $18,000 in miscellaneous expenses.

Pastor Victim Of Predatory Lending Retains Dzialo Law


Case Settled June 2012

Client, a church pastor, was the victim of predatory lending and owed $224,000 in back payments and taxes on an adjustable loan that he simply could not afford. We filed suit and stopped the trustee sale with a restraining order. In a negotiated settlement agreement the client’s monthly payment was reduced from $5,563 to only $1,987. The $224,000 arrearage was deferred without interest or payments to the back of the loan.

Dzialo Law Offices Negotiate $687,000 Principal Reduction


Case settled September 2012

Client never missed a mortgage payment and never asked for a loan modification. However, she was unaware that her ex-husband had failed to pay a property tax installment, One day she opened her mail box to find that her check for the mortgage payment had been returned to her by B of A because of the late tax arrearage. Our client assured the bank that she would be sending in a check for the unpaid taxes but the bank refused payment claiming that they had already paid the taxes and set up a tax impound account at an inflated rate that the client could not possibly afford. B of A filed a Notice of Default and began foreclosure. Client retained The Law Offices of John Thomas Dzialo and after nine months of litigation our offices negotiated a settlement that stopped the foreclosure and reduced the monthly payment from $13,355.00 to $7,966.00, a savings of $5,389.00 per month. Additionally the client received a principal loan reduction from $1,987,000.00 to $1,300,000, a savings of $687,000.00.

Dzialo Law Procures $160,000 Interest Free Loan Set Aside For Client


Case Settled August 2012

Client was facing imminent trustee sale. After we negotiated with the bank, the client received a permanent loan modlfication and adjustment to his loan. We negotiated a low fixed interest rate, lowered his monthly payment by $1,500 and we procured a $160,000 interest free principal loan deferment to the end of the loan.