Dzialo Law Stops Foreclosure 24 Hours before Sale


Case Settled October 2014

Client was facing an imminent trustee sale of his home. We filled a lawsuit for unlawful foreclosure and only 24-hours before the scheduled trustee sale we received a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction. Client was entered into a court-supervised Loan Workout Conference.

Half Million Dollars in Back Payments


Case Settled December 2014

Client was nearly $500,000.00 in arrears on the mortgage for the ranch which is the sole source of her family’s livelihood. While she was attempting to negotiate a modification of the loan, the lender moved toward foreclosure. After filing suit to stop the foreclosure, our office negotiated a loan modification that kept the family business operating. Amortized principal on the loan was reduced from $765,000 to $571,000 with the remainder of the arrearage deferred interest free for 23 years. Client’s monthly payment was reduced from $5,860 to $1,774 a monthly savings of more than $4,000.00.

Bank of America Rescinds Foreclosure


Case Settled January 2015

The bank foreclosed on the client’s house despite the fact that client was in active review for a loan modification. The client had spoken with his bank representative 80 times in a span of 90 days and was repeatedly assured that the foreclosure was on hold. After the foreclosure, the client retained our office and we immediately filed suit for Unlawful Foreclosure. After months of litigation we eventually negotiated an agreement under which the bank rescinded the foreclosure. Title to the property was restored to our client’s name and Bank of America finally issued our client a loan modification.

Dzialo Law Obtains Complete Loan Forgiveness of $333,000


Case Settled September 2014

Client was sued by Wells Fargo bank after he could no longer afford the payments on a large 2nd mortgage in the amount of $333,000. Wells Fargo however, failed to follow proper collection procedures as required by law before suing the client for breach contract. Our defense led to a dismissal of the suit with prejudice.

Loan Is Sold To Another Bank Which Tries To Refuse Previous Bank’s Loan Modification


In arrears, the homeowners negotiated and signed a permanent loan modification with their lender. However, the loan was subsequently sold to another bank that refused to honor the modification. With a trustee sale only 72 hours away, we filed suit. The court issued an injunction against trustee sale.

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