Tax Myths When Selling Your House

The good news about tax ‘myths’ when selling your home is that most of them aren’t true. But that’s also the bad news. The assortment of misconceptions and conflicting opinions on the subject is a mixed bag. Here’s some of the legend and lore, followed by the plain truth of the matter:

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The Importance of a Real Estate Law Firm When Buying a Home

Individuals and families looking to buy a home as well as investors who purchase properties to lease out can both benefit from a knowledgeable real estate law firm. Although the buying process is similar in all cases, a real estate lawyer will help you avoid mistakes that have the potential to become costly.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Finding yourself slipping behind in your mortgage payments? Do you think these monthly payments are too high to manage? You can try calling your lender to see if they will work out a new payment plan with you to help lower the amount. To avoid foreclosure, a lender may work something out with you to alter payments to a lower amount by extending them for a longer period of time or by deferring payment for one or two months.

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