Why a Loan Modification Attorney is So Important

The unpredictability of the housing market has resulted in many homeowners pursuing financial options that will keep them in their home. In 2009, the Home Affordable Modification Program was placed into effect to assist struggling homeowners. As a result, loan modifications have become very popular in this economy offering homeowners the option to restructure their home loan to prevent foreclosure. Although loan modifications have become a preferred avenue, homeowners are facing many challenges within the process influencing their decision to acquire legal assistance.

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Estate Planning for Your Heirs

Estate planning is important for everyone. Contrary to what many think, you do not need to have millions of dollars for you to plan your estate. Anything you possess, no matter how much or how little qualifies as your estate. Good estate planning allows you to provide for your dependents even after death. This is important for the welfare of your loved ones in the future and for your peace of mind in the present. That peace of mind is an important part of living life to the fullest extent. The primary instrument of estate planning is the will. The will is a plan for distributing your assets after your death.

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5 New State Laws that may make a difference

As we moved into 2013 a variety of new state laws went into effect, some of them more valuable than others. Below are some of the more significant ones that you may have missed.

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Housing Market Recovery Hinges on Job Growth and Credit Access

As the housing market continues to make a slow comeback, real estate professionals and lenders predicted an influx of borrowers. Instead, potential homeowners are confronting many unexpected obstacles in purchasing their new home making it difficult for lenders to provide financing for borrowers.

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Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney Can Save You Thousands

While the housing market continues to see highs and lows from the economy, one thing is still certain: people all across the nation are still struggling with their mortgages and housing payments, risk being foreclosed on and need help now. Fortunately, an attorney who specializes in foreclosure can help with all of the uncertainties that come with it.

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A Guide to Lenders Mortgage Insurance Requirements

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) protects you in case you default on your home loan. The insurance is paid off as a one-time fee or premium when your loan is advanced, and does not affect your interest rate.
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance will only apply if your loan posses a high risk to the bank, e.g. if you are borrowing a high percentage of the value of your home. Generally, if the home loan you need is more than 80 percent of the value of the home, you will have to apply for one.

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