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działo n pronounced “jah-lo.”
is a Polish name for a cannon having a high muzzle velocity (your hired gun)

  • Real Estate & Foreclosure Law

    In our Foreclosure Defense department, we have been on the leading edge of representing clients against the largest banks in the country. Wrongful Foreclosure is a common occurrence and if this has happened to you, the first step you should take is to call us for a free analysis of your case.
  • What You Should Do First

    When you hire an attorney, there are several things to keep in mind. First, you want someone who has a track record of solid wins and who fights for your interests above his own. The attorneys at the Law Office of John T. Dzialo have years of experience successfully representing clients using the solid principal that the Foundation of Justice Begins with Good Faith.
  • Business Representation

    Whether you are faced with Litigation in the areas of Business, Commercial or Real Estate Law, we can assist you outside the courtroom with transactions, contracts, employment issues, corporate and LLC formations and risk management. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals will treat your case with the professional and personal attention you deserve whether it is litigation, estate planning or business law. Your case is the most important to us and we work for you - not the other way around!
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Dzialo Law Stops Foreclosure 24 Hours before Sale

As Real Estate and Business Attorneys we know how to use the law to your advantage whether you are in litigation or need to resolve a conflict. For instance, in one case our client was facing an imminent trustee sale of his home. To commence litigation, we filed a lawsuit for unlawful foreclosure and then, with only 24 hours before the scheduled trustee sale, we stopped the sale with a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction........

Important Information

The facts of each case are unique and the outcome of each case will differ and cannot be guaranteed. John Dzialo Law will take the facts of your case and do everything possible to obtain a successful outcome, however, each case is different.


"I just wanted to thank you for everything you helped us with regarding our home. I am thankful that you all were able to stop the foreclosure and get it back into our name when the bank sold it at auction in the middle of doing a loan mod. That was a nightmare.".....
Natalie L.